Forest bathing:  What the…?

Forest bathing: What the…?

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I certainly like bathing – but that whole soap and water thing has got to go.”

Probably not – but that’s sort of what forest bathing is.

Consider it cleansing of the mind and soul and leave the body cleaning to your regular bath. Also – you don’t need to bring a towel to dry off, which makes it nice and easy.

Forest Bathing: What the...?
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to the forest I go!


If you aren’t familiar with the practice, you’re not alone. Forest bathing is becoming increasingly popular, but not quite mainstream. It’s kind of like how in the 1980s, not many people stateside knew what sushi was.  Now you can’t go two city blocks without running into a Sashimi Roll.

Japan introduced forest bathing to the world in 1982 (the concept is known there as shinrin-yoku (森林浴)).  It is simply the act of immersing yourself in nature for about 30 minutes per day – and it’s shown to help lower stress levels and even improve the negative effects of diabetes: we don’t know any bath salts that can make that awesome claim.

What makes forest bathing even more incredible is its simplicity. You literally just find a secluded area, covered in trees, and enjoy the view. The walking, the sights, the sounds – they all will make a positive impact in your overall health. Your dandruff shampoo probably isn’t doing that.

So next time you leave the office after a stressful day and are considering a good soak in the tub to de-stress, consider making your next step into nature for a forest bath instead – no hairdryer required.

Have you given the concept of forest-bathing a try?  Let us know in the comments below!


P.S.  If you’re REALLY up for an adventure and want to be out in the woods overnight, try checking out our post about backpacking!


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  1. Becky Moore
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    This is something I keep hearing about recently, I did river bathing in the Adirondack Mountains which was ace – I think it was similar!

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