5 Great Travel Podcasts We Can’t Stop Listening To

5 Great Travel Podcasts We Can’t Stop Listening To

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Travel podcasts are no longer boring as they used to be. They are actually becoming quite trendy. They can even become addictive, especially if you are getting advice and listening to real life experiences of people who have travelled to various destinations all over the world. If you love traveling, a little information about somewhere new is important. This is because you get to learn a few exciting things about the destination. The following are some great travel podcasts we’ve found for women travelers:

The Budget-minded Traveler

If you are a person who enjoys solo travel then this is the podcast for you. In this podcast, Jackie tries to give a rare perspective of what a female solo traveler goes through. She talks about the various concerns women have, what they do when faced with such concerns and the decisions they make. From a personal experience she dispels the notion that a woman cannot travel the world on her own. Listen to Jackie’s story at http://www.thebudgetmindedtraveler.com/find-your-courage-through-solo-travel/ and get the inspiration you need to travel to whatever destination you may think of.

Zero To Travel

This podcast is geared towards anyone who wants to become a location independent traveler. The podcast is about learning how to travel to different locations in the world on your own terms. The host of the podcast, Jason, interviews different people who left their jobs to start traveling and see the world. During the interview, he offers insightful advices and resources on how to plan and have a successful trip. http://zerototravel.com/listen-to-podcasts/


Are you planning to travel to a major city in Europe and do not know how to go about it? Then Tourcaster is what you need to listen to. This is a city guide approach to travel podcasts with series of specific channels for major cities in Europe. The channels offer tips, top attractions, history, key phrases and what you need to get to visit these places. http://www.learnoutloud.com/Results/Publisher/Tourcaster.com/937

The Coolest Stuff On The Planet

Just as the title of this podcast states, there are plenty of great things on this planet; awesome experiences, amazing sights, people, places, cultures and things to do. This podcast is for anyone who wants to travel and it covers all the great things and it takes you a tour around the world. http://www.podcasts.com/the_coolest_stuff_on_the_planet

The Daily Travel Podcast

Whether you are an avid traveler or somebody who wants to take a step into the world of travel, this podcast has got you covered. The host, Nathaniel Boyle, interviews bloggers, inspiring explorers, location independent travelers and entrepreneurs, and even the locals on how to travel, why it is necessary to travel and offers tips on how to do it right. http://dailytravelshow.tumblr.com/

Do you have any other podcasts you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below!


Need some inspiration for your next adventure?
Need some inspiration for your adventure? Podcasts are a great source!
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